About Us

Enough about us, now let's talk about you.  You, are part of a like-minded community of loyal Sloppy Octopusers (does that make us the Sloppy Octopusee?)  You enjoy the fun, funny, and ridiculous things in life.  You appreciate a company that is in the game due to their passion to make art, comedy, and love.   You also like attractive, high quality products that entertain while shying away from the toxic humor of politics, drugs, and violence.  You welcome a healthy sexual innuendo and are not overly offended by playful, suggestive, comedy that is never displayed in a gross or explicit fashion.  You like a company that has ALL ORIGINAL DESIGNS AND IDEAS (and some classic jokes, often presented in a new way).  You like a company that does not copy others, unless to parody.  You appreciate unique items that are not available from other companies (unless coincidental, or copied by them).  You like that everyone will not understand the jokes.  Those clever individuals that get the joke, will appreciate it even more, and those that do not understand, will escape unharmed. You like that Sloppy Octopus is A PIONEER IN THE CONCEPT OF FRONT AND BACK JOKE T-SHIRTS AND PRODUCTS!  You, the Sloppy Octopuser, tend to patronize innovators instead of imitators.

You expect to be treated fairly.  You like a company that is not owned and run by investors and business people whose sole existence is to maximize profit, and don't mind stepping on others to accomplish this.  You like that we do not profit from from our shipping fees (no bogus inflated "shipping and handling" fees, your shipping fees are at our cost). 

You like that we care enough to ask about you, instead of babbling about how great we are.  Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you thoroughly enjoy your shopping experience and any products that you may purchase.

Your friends at SloppyOctopus.com

Founder, Anthony Perry                                                                                           New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


WARNING: If you suffer from hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, stop reading now!
I started the company after recovering from a scorching case of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Treatment was dichlorodifluoromethane, but nonetheless it left residual dephlogistication and idiopathic pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism. I was thus thyroparathyroidectomized. Said tribulations did not diminish my honorificabilitudinitatibus. So please don’t develop a floccinaucinihilipilification of our inimitable designs. I knew you would understand. 

Me and Mardi Gras flapper